Boats Yachts & the Boat Show Southampton

I went to the boat show in Southampton the other week….there are so many gorgeous boats. They had 2 amazing Sunseeker ones propped up on stilts as soon as you got into the main part of the boat show…I don’t know if you had the chance to go and saw them. I had a look inside and the interior design was absolutely gorgeous but totally functional as well. Amazing how much they manage to fit so much in such a small space and yet it looking so glamorous!!

One of my favorite boats is the Sealine. It looks like a floating apartment! I have been sailing on a Yacht before which is great fun but a bit difficult living life continually at an angle when sailing…that’s pushing my sea legs to the limit LOL. You also have to be a lot more experienced to sail one of those. I was ok because I was with someone experienced but there’s no way I would attempt it on my own!

I’m more of a Sealine or a Sunseeker girl…I definitely love my comforts and luxury! I love the saying…he who says money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to go shopping LOL and I think oh how I would love to be mega rich…I would certainly know where to go shopping! he he

These are some of the gorgeous boats I’ve seen online

Living not far from Lymington, I love going there especially the picturesque harbour where the Ship bar and restaurant is. I so love living by the sea …it has such a calming effect on the soul.

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