Author: Isobelle

I’m totally understanding

I have been doing this work for quite a while now so I know and understand men really well both mentally and physically so never feel embarrassed with me or that you can’t see me because….. (i understand and I get it…whatever it may be)   A lot of fellas put pressure on themselves that they need to perform or… Read more →

New Milton, Hampshire

  I absolutely love living in New Milton, Hampshire. Its a lovely upmarket quiet place but not only that…its a stones throw from the sea! Its so relaxing being by the sea…the smell of the sea air…the sunsets over the water makes walking my dog such a pleasure.   What I have found is that anywhere I have lived down… Read more →

Boats Yachts & the Boat Show Southampton

I went to the boat show in Southampton the other week….there are so many gorgeous boats. They had 2 amazing Sunseeker ones propped up on stilts as soon as you got into the main part of the boat show…I don’t know if you had the chance to go and saw them. I had a look inside and the interior design… Read more →

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