I’m totally understanding

I have been doing this work for quite a while now so I know and understand men really well both mentally and physically so never feel embarrassed with me or that you can’t see me because….. (i understand and I get it…whatever it may be)


A lot of fellas put pressure on themselves that they need to perform or that they don’t feel they look good enough physically but when you come to see me I am more interested in how good a time I have given you not marking YOU out of 10! ME yes…you NO! I’m not perfect but I NEED to look pretty damn good otherwise you wouldn’t want to see me so don’t feel that because I look a certain way that I will be judging you…I most definitely wont! I would much prefer to see a fella who’s got a bit more to love and is a bit more rugged looking and has a lovely personality than a fella who looks and has the body of a god but is totally arrogant and/or disrespectful!! I love love love men with a warm and gentle personality whatever looks or size 😉


One of my VIP clients does himself down and doesn’t come to see me for these very reasons but what he doesn’t realise is I love love LOVE to see him always and he doesn’t see what I see….a really really REALLY lovely fella who deserves a lot more from life than he gets and its a shame because I miss him 🙁 especially also as he spoils me with lots of girlie goodies LOL but on the serious side…that’s just a bonus…he is a diamond.


Some fellas are soooo nervous when they 1st come to see me and put soooo much pressure on themselves that they need to perform sexually…honestly DON’T worry! I’m not marking you out of 10! I just want you to have the most amazing time and if you worry it will perpetuate your fears. There’s lots of things we can do to get you going…you just have to stay in the zone of enjoying it and NOT let the fears creep in. I used to have a fella see me who DIDN’T want to come and the more he tried not to…the more he came really quickly…so this is a little trick to do yourself…take the pressure off and try not to orgasm…then you will be nice and relaxed and before you know it…you will be coming!!


If you’re not feeling good about yourself/life…let me put the feel good factor back into your life and make you feel good again!!…help you to believe you deserve more! I can always give you a positivity boost apart from the sexy boost!


Hopefully if you are reading this and want to see me but are finding it hard to pluck up the courage…please please just take the plunge…you wont look back and will wish you’d called me sooner! ;-P This is not just a job to me…I take so much pleasure in sprinkling some magic into your life!


Hopefully we will meet soon….


Isobelle xx

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